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Wtf 6 years ago
Wtffffff is this!? Unboned me! This is gross! And the music in the background... Idiooooots who finds this shit sexyyy
Hello 2 years ago
This vid sucks but does anyone know the name of the lady on the couch edited green or the original video?
Warlock 9669 6 years ago
Were is this song from?
2 years ago
yo procedere a: XDDDD
Really Nigga 3 years ago
You posted cringe bro delete this shit
Jeremiah 5 years ago
I hate this video it is the worst video ever
boner 2 years ago
this shit trash they should shut down the site
Tacoschilli0 3 years ago
Its good, Dunno why people find it bad.
Why shut the site down 4 years ago
Please shut the site down
confusion 2 years ago
i have so many questions and what tf is that music in the background